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WLAN 6140 Handset and Aruba WLAN controller issue

Anyone experience issues mixing Aruba OS version 5 (or 3) with the Nortel 6140 handset's ?

I am able to associate the handset with the 125 AP's from Aruba version 5 and download firmware to the handsets over the air, tried older firmwares (actually using the latest from may 25th). WLAN is configured OPEN, firewall is allow all at any time on the WLAN.

The handset is about to register with the PBX when it become inoperable at the NODE and TN screen on the handset, PBX is succession 5.5.

WMM is active on the AP's and the handsets, Call admission control is optional in the handset.
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Is this a Spectralink Phone? Did it EVER work?
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Re: WLAN 6140 Handset and Aruba WLAN controller issue

It is the spectralink phones bought by polycom, branded by Nortel.

It works fine with AP model 65, or cisco 1130 model AP (standalone).
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SSID and HT SSID config

Below is a copy of the SSID profile that I'm using on a Spectralink 8030 phone running the SIP image (might not help you with your SVP image, but could be good for comparison). It is an 802.11n SSID that is open, as well:

(3600.arubanetworks.com) #show wlan ssid-profile open-voice

SSID Profile "open-voice"
Parameter Value
--------- -----
SSID enable Enabled
ESSID open-voice
Encryption opensystem
DTIM Interval 1 beacon periods
802.11a Basic Rates 6 12 24
802.11a Transmit Rates 6 9 12 18 24 36 48 54
802.11g Basic Rates 1 2
802.11g Transmit Rates 1 2 5 6 9 11 12 18 24 36 48 54
Station Ageout Time 1000 sec
Max Transmit Attempts 8
RTS Threshold 2333 bytes
Short Preamble Enabled
Max Associations 64
Wireless Multimedia (WMM) Enabled
Wireless Multimedia U-APSD (WMM-UAPSD) Powersave Enabled
WMM TSPEC Min Inactivity Interval 0 msec
DSCP mapping for WMM voice AC 56
DSCP mapping for WMM video AC 40
DSCP mapping for WMM best-effort AC 24
DSCP mapping for WMM background AC 8
902il Compatibility Mode Disabled
Hide SSID Disabled
Deny_Broadcast Probes Disabled
Disable Probe Retry Enabled
Battery Boost Disabled
WEP Key 1 N/A
WEP Key 2 N/A
WEP Key 3 N/A
WEP Key 4 N/A
WEP Transmit Key Index 1
WPA Hexkey N/A
WPA Passphrase N/A
Maximum Transmit Failures 0
EDCA Parameters Station profile N/A
EDCA Parameters AP profile N/A
BC/MC Rate Optimization Disabled
Strict Spectralink Voice Protocol (SVP) Disabled
High-throughput SSID Profile default
802.11g Beacon Rate default
802.11a Beacon Rate default

(3600.arubanetworks.com) #show wlan ht-ssid-profile default

High-throughput SSID profile "default"
Parameter Value
--------- -----
High throughput enable (SSID) Enabled
40 MHz channel usage Enabled
MPDU Aggregation Enabled
Max transmitted A-MPDU size 65535 bytes
Max received A-MPDU size 65535 bytes
Min MPDU start spacing 8 usec
Supported MCS set 0-15
Short guard interval in 40 MHz mode Enabled
Legacy stations Allowed
Allow weak encryption Disabled

Hope this helps. If it does not, I suggest you open a parallel case with Spectralink and Aruba to get to the bottom of the issue.
Answers and views expressed by me on this forum are my own and not necessarily the position of Aruba Networks or Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
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