802.11 Client Device Interoperability

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Windows 7 Multiple users SSO

With WinXP we configured our master image with our wireless settings(InterPRO set client) and any domain user that logged on to the laptop was able to automatically log into the network using SSO settings on the InterPRO client. No Issues here whatsoever.

Now with Win7, seems that we can't no longer accomplish the same results when multiple users try to log on to the laptop. Do the wireless settings need to be configured separately for each user in Win7??

Would a third party client like Juniper's Odyssey client help?

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Re: Windows 7 Multiple users SSO

Quite frankly, even though the built-in Windows WZC supplicant is not perfect, it is better that intel pro-set and you would not have to install a client to get single sign on. In addition, it can be configured using group policy.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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