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Does ClearPass provide any notification of expired/expiring radius certificate?

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Does ClearPass provide any notification of expired/expiring radius certificate?


Yes, from ClearPass 6.5 onwards we started displaying warning message in the Admin WEB UI when the RADIUS certificate expiration is within 30 days.


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Is there any scope for email notification of this or maybe an snmp trap, or ideally a snmp poll status that could be polled allowing the server to appear red or orange on a monitoring map?  TLS is becoming more essential in our environment.  

Admittedly we are running an older version of CPPM but we had an outage today because we missed this expiry timing; tragically this coincided with an internal IT promotion, which is bad timing, but there seldom is a good time for an outage.  


Many thanks

It is logged to the event viewer which means it will be sent via Syslog.

Hi Nik,


In Addition to Tim's response, you can also configure email alert/notification under Administration >> Server Manager >> Server Configuration >> Cluster-Wide Parameters >> Notification.





1.The certificate expiration alert will be logged in as "Warning" in the system event viewer. So, have the System Alert Level as "WARN" as shown above.

2.Ensure, that you have SMTP server configured under Administration >> External Servers >> Messaging Setup for email notifications.


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