Dynamic VLAN assignement in IAP using ClearPass

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In IAP we have the following Dynamic VLAN assignment configured in SSID as below


When Clearpass is configured as RADIUS server and Tunnel-Private-Group-Id is returned as 120, clients do not get IP from VLAN 120.




Clearpass sends the Tunnel-Private-Group-Id and a tag value of 0x01 which doesnt work with IAP


AVP: l=7  t=Tunnel-Private-Group-Id(81) Tag=0x01: v200
    Tag: 0x01
    Tunnel-Private-Group-Id: v200


To fix this issue, from CPPM, the Tag value need to be sent as 0.





In the Enforcement Profile,  along with the VLAN Enforcement, we need to send the Tag-id attribute as shown below




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