How is clearpass licensing calculated in a cluster

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How is Clearpass licensing calculated in a cluster?


Clearpass uses a common distribution algorithm to calculate the used licenses for a cluster:

Unique devices authenticated by the node + common mac’s

For example: if we have 4 x 5k nodes, 

common mac's from all the nodes are: 2000, cluster will distribute them equally on all the nodes. 2000/4

Node1, unique auths : 2500 + 500 common mac auths = 3000

Node2, unique auths: 2300 + 500 common mac auths = 2800

Node3, unique auths: 2630 + 500 common mac auths = 3130

NOde4, unique auths: 2200 + 500 common mac auths = 2700

Total cluster used authentications showed on the licensing dashboard would be : 11630 used out of 20000.





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