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How many Ethernet ports are present on the ECS device and what is the significance of these ports?

Product and Software: This article applies to all ECS appliances.


Generally ECS has two Ethernet ports Enet0 and Enet1:


  • Enet0 is used for management access, configuration, and for communication with model devices using SSH, Telnet, or SNMP. The switch port should always be configured as the access port.
  • Enet1 is used as the web portal and isolation networks for clients. The switch port can be configured as the access port or 802.1q trunk port.
  • Enet2, if present, is used for DHCP snooping and remote scanning.
  • The configuration wizard configures Enet1 port as 802.1q trunk port. This is a Layer 2 implementation.
  • If Enet1 needs to be configured as the access port, the configuration file must be manually changed. This is Layer 3 deployment.
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