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How to block Guest users from registering an account by specifying own email as sponsor email

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Clearpass Guest Self Registration setup


By using the Ajax Submit feature in Clearpass Guest, we can validate user entered data for email, sponsor email field and show an alert to enter a valid sponsor email address.



Edit the self registration -> Register Page -> Forms -> Submit field.

Enabled the option to show advanced properties.

Enter the text 'RegisterSubmit' in AJAX Submit field and save changes.

Edit the self registration -> Register Page -> Footer HTML, enter the following script and save changes.


var fieldName1 ="sponsor_email";
var fieldName2 ="email";
function RegisterSubmit(form_name) {

var sponsor_email = document.forms[form_name][fieldName1].value;
var email = document.forms[form_name][fieldName2].value;
   if (sponsor_email == email ) {
   declareInvalid(form_name, 'Please enter a valid sponsor email');
   return false;
    return true; // Proceed to regular

function declareInvalid(form_name, ruleBroken) {
  alert("not a valid sponsor email: " + ruleBroken);
  var tidField = document.forms[form_name][fieldName1]; = "2px solid red";





Perform a test self registration by entering same email and sponsor email to test the alert:



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