How to customize Guest Manager Receipt

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In the Guest manager receipt sent to the user, how can an admin customize the attributes?


The Guest manager receipt template is available under Guest > Configuration > Receipts > Templates > GuestManager Receipt



Now here say the admin wants to customize the SSID name and change it from "Aruba" to "Guest-Test", we would have to edit the Guest manager receipt.



Now here, we need to replace the script post "WiFi Network:" (<span style="color:#{$g_email_network_name|escape};">{$site_ssid|escape}</span>) with SSID name "Guest-Test" as following:

WiFi Network: Guest-Test


Then, we need to replace the script post "Connect to the wireless network:" (<span style="color:#{$g_email_inst_bold|escape};"><strong><em>{$site_ssid|escape}</em></strong></span>) with SSID name "Guest-Test" as following:

Connect to the wireless network: Guest-Test



Now we can see that post making the changes, the GuestManager Receipt confirms the SSID name changed to "Guest-Test"



Similarly we can makes other changes as per the customization requirement.

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