Test Kerberos authentication from ClearPass

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How to test Kerberos authentication from ClearPass Policy Manager


We can use the below ClearPass CLI command to check the kerberos authentication of a service principal:

[appadmin@CPPMVM1]# krb auth user@domain-name


1. Login to ClearPass Policy Manager CLI using appadmin login.

2. Use the command - krb auth username@domain-name.


krb auth administrator@blr.in

3. To see the validity of the service principal, use the command - krb list.


1. Test authentication using Krb auth command for the service principal - administrator@blr.in. We were able to authenticate successfully.


2. To see TGT validity of the service principal, use the command:

3. We can also change the password of service principal, when it is expired/needs to be changed at the next logon.

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