Test Kerberos authentication from ClearPass

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

How to test Kerberos authentication from ClearPass Policy Manager


We can use the below ClearPass CLI command to check the kerberos authentication of a service principal:

[appadmin@CPPMVM1]# krb auth user@domain-name


1. Login to ClearPass Policy Manager CLI using appadmin login.

2. Use the command - krb auth username@domain-name.


krb auth administrator@blr.in

3. To see the validity of the service principal, use the command - krb list.


1. Test authentication using Krb auth command for the service principal - administrator@blr.in. We were able to authenticate successfully.


2. To see TGT validity of the service principal, use the command:

3. We can also change the password of service principal, when it is expired/needs to be changed at the next logon.

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