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WebUI of CPPM does not respond/allow to make changes

Aruba Employee

Question : I am unable to add a new NAD device to CPPM


Environment Information : This issue is seen on CPPM 6.1.0 and to later 6.1 codes if the below discussed patch is not installed.


Symptoms : The WebUI freezes and does not allow users to make any changes on it.


Cause : This can be addressed by installing the "ClearPass 6.1 Admin UI issues patch" on the server.

Details of the patch: This patch fixes the issue, where the Admin UI does not work properly on CPPM servers which have no Internet access.

Download the patch from  and upload it to CPPM as shown below.

Navigate to "Administration » Agents and Software Updates » Software Updates" on CPPM and click on "Import Updates"

User-added image

NOTE: The file will not be visible on WebUI and we will install the patch from CLI.

Login to CLI as "appadmin" and run the below commands.

# system update -i <name of patch>

This will install the patch and the issue will be addressed.

Below is the list of issues which would be resolved by installing this patch.

1: WebUI does not allow any changes to be made.
2: Unable to add a new local user to CPPM.
3: Unable to add a new NAD device.

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