APJ Airheads Conference 2012

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I attended the Airheads conference 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand. And I remembered all the speakers saying that we'll be able to download the slides and information from Airheads Social.


Would appreciate if you could point me to the correct location to download the slides that are presented during the event.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Slides

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Thanks for attending Airheads. I hope you enjoyed the event.


We just posted them for download. Details are shown below:


Presentation Decks:

Photos :)

url: https://iris.arubanetworks.com
code: 014da3bf3ef012bc3f5b8e09b7d9f3c9
(The file will be available until Sun Apr 8, 2012 5:15:39 PDT.)





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Re: Slides

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Thank you very much, Mark! =)

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APJ Conference Photos

We have now added Mark's APJ conference photos to Flickr. 

You can view a selection of the photos on the Community homepage and Events tab. 


In addition, here is a link to all photos on Flickr:


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