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If you are from the education, government or retail verticals, join us for a set of engaging roundtable discussions. 



ROUNDTABLE: Education Technology in the classroom has transformed the way students learn. Ensure your students are meeting their potential by providing a network that can handle high-density locations, high-bandwidth mobile apps, and a large variety of devices.

ROUNDTABLE: Government Birds of a feather session for government customers, so we can discuss certifications, accreditations, new programs, and more.

ROUNDTABLE: Retail Retailers know that improving customer satisfaction and engagement in stores, and improving business operations at warehousing locations, are top of mind. Join us for a roundtable discussion to address these issues.

ROUNDTABLE: Tech Field Day LIVE Who doesn't love a fun, heated debate? Come listen to the Tech Field Day folks as they discuss the most controversial and pressing topics in enterprise mobility, network infrastructure, policy management and more.

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