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AP-105 power adapter

I am installing a few AP-105 in a few spots where coverage is poor. I would like to use local power. I live in North America. Do I use the AP-AC-UN or AP-AC-12V18?
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Re: AP-105 power adapter

You can use the AP-AC-UN if you want to use a power brick OR, you can use the PD-3501G-AC if you want to use a midspan injector.

Colin Joseph
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AP-AC-12V18 adapter

The AP-AC-12V18 adapter is a valid alternative to AP-AC-UN. AP-AC-UN is a "wallwart" style adapter, while AP-AC-12V18 is an "inline" type. It's a matter of preference. Note that you'll need to order a separate (country specific) AC power cord with the AP-AC-12V18 model.
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