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AP 65s long reboot

Something happened on the network today where 300+ AP 65s were no longer connected to the controller. I reboot the controller and physically rebooted the 7 APs that were local. I could not ping the APs. I even restarted the ports and some switches. We were fine locally. But the other 300 APs did not reboot and hit the controller until 3 hours later.
Is there a way to shorten this time?
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Re: AP 65s long reboot

What version of code?
What caused the reboot?

Something tells me that whatever made the APs unresponsive is responsible for your outage.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: AP 65s long reboot

Code 5.0
Not sure what caused the problem. There is a lot of construction going on. Probably a power surge.
Complaint came in that my users were not receiving DHCP. I am sure something on the network caused the problem. Is there a way to change the reboot time?

AP 65s long reboot

If you look under AP System profile what is the current Bootstrap
threshold ? (default is 8) If this value is large, it may have had
something to do with the long time to 're contact' the controller.

Worth verifying.
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