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AP don't UP


someone knows the reason why the ap don't up if it get ip,mask,gw and master. The ap always reboot but it not up.
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"show ap database"

The first reason is connectivity. Do a "show datapath session table
Use "show ap database" on the commandline and there is usually a flag that says why.

Other reasons why an AP is "Inactive or not up':

- Missing or incorrect VLAN. e.g. if the AP has a tunneled SSID of vlan2 but your controller doesn't have a vlan2.
- Unknown AP Group.
- Duplicate AP Name.
- AP not provisioned with external antenna gain. Only applies to APs that have external antenna.
- Both Radios disabled.
- No Virtual AP's defined.
- Profile errors. Use `show profile errors'.
- GRE blocked between AP and controller
- Appears while AP is doing code upgrade. Self clears after upgrade.
- Conflicting config. Single radio but dual-band AP. AP System Profile RF Band says 11g but VAP says 11a.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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