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AP105 - flashing red ENET LED but working and other LEDs green

We have an AP105 which appears to be working OK, looking at the controller - it's online and accepting clients. However, the ENET LED is flashing intermittently red, as if it was receiving/transmitting traffic. All the other LEDs (power, 2.4GHz, 5GHz) are green, as normal.

I can't find any information on what this situation might be -- the only red ENET LED situation on the AP105 information sheet is a solid red when it fails to boot.

Could it be something like a duplex mismatch, or collisions, etc.? i.e. some sort of ethernet interface problem?

Is there a command I can use to query the status of the AP in this area? I've tried various things like 'show ap detail advanced ...' -- but that yields a lot of information and no obvious errors. The ap debug log doesn't show anything other than a boot and a rogue AP detected.

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Re: AP105 - flashing red ENET LED but working and other LEDs green


Are you sure it's red and not amber? An amber ethernet light means the AP-105 is running 100Mb instead of Gigabit.

To check, you can run "show ap debug system-status ip-addr x.x.x.x". The speed/duplex info is toward the end of the output and will look like:

Ethernet Duplex/Speed Settings
Autoneg Speed (Mbps) Duplex Iface
------- ------------ ------ -----
on 100 Full eth0
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Indeed it's amber!

Thanks for that -- it's cleared it up: it is, indeed, running at 100Mbit/s.

I've not seen the AP myself as it's out in a college. However, testing one here, I would say the light was more red than amber! (The local IT officer did send a photo but it was off a phone and the lighting could have been weird!)
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Re: AP105 - flashing red ENET LED but working and other LEDs green

Yeah...since the "amber" light is actually one red and one green LED behind the lens, at certain angles you can get a better view of the red, thus showing more red than amber.

Then again, some people's eyes have a hard time telling amber and red apart anyway...

Regardless, in this case, you're fine. It's just telling you the AP is connected to 100Mb/s vs gig.
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