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Ap175, aos-, ant-92 ?

6000 Controller with AOS
ANT-92 antenna


1.) in the controller config for this device (AP175) I have 5.0ghz=5dbi and 2.4ghz=6dbi.
2.) N connectors connected to ports 4,5,6 on the AP175 controller

Is this the right config for this? The LED's for Radio's 0 and 1 are indicating a signal strenght of 50% each.

what do I need to do to get 100%

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Re: Ap175, aos-, ant-92 ?

If that access point is not meshing with another access point, it shows that the access point came up at half power, which is the initial power that APs come up with.

ARM or Adaptive Radio Management will increase the power over time depending on the environment...

You can look at that AP's progress on the commandline by typing "show ap arm history ap-name " to see if it changes channel or power.

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Re: Ap175, aos-, ant-92 ?

The ANT-92 is not intended for the AP-175.

The ANT-92 has three antenna elements/cables, because it is expected to connect to a 3x3 radio like the AP-124, rather than a 2x2 radio like the AP-175.

To have this antenna work with the AP-175, you would need two AP-92s ... one connecting the two outside leads (the middle lead would be ignored) to the 5GHz ports on the AP-175, and the second ANT-92 to connect the two outside leads to the 2.4GHz ports on the AP-175.

The better antenna choice for this setup would be to use the ANT-2x2-D805 which would provide similar beamwidth, similar gain, but is optimized with opposed polarity for outdoor environments.
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Re: Ap175, aos-, ant-92 ?

Thank you all!

I thought this was an odd ANT for this device.

I looked at the "show ap arm history ap-name" and it showed, over a couple of days, an increase in power as well as a change in channels (from 6 to 1).

I'll keep monitoring over the weekend and see what happens. I will add another ANT-92 until my new ANT arrives.
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