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EIRP 21 / MaxEIRP 0?

Hi All,

I've just noticed an AP(61) that stands out a bit from the others, usually the EIRP/Max is 20/20, but on this AP it's down as 21/0 and the clients near this AP are having some issues. This AP is in the same group as a load of others that are working fine, so it seems to be something AP specific?
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Re: EIRP 21 / MaxEIRP 0?

does anyone know the significance of this? I've got a couple of RAP2s with 15/19.5 which don't seem to be working properly. 99% of my APs have the same figure under EIRP as Max EIRP, why would the EIRP not be the max?
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Re: EIRP 21 / MaxEIRP 0?

Please open a support case to get this explained. It could be an issue with the display of the information, or the access point.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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