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Enquiries on Aruba AP matrix

On the Aruba Networks Indoor Access Point Product Line Matrix,
It shows that Remote Mesh is available (ArubaOS 3.4).
What is Remote Mesh and when will ArubaOS 3.4 will be coming out?
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Re: Enquiries on Aruba AP matrix

One of the main uses of the new features in 3.4 is to allow a Remote AP to act as a mesh portal. So you could have a Remote AP acting as a Mesh Point, and have other access points associating to the Remote Mesh AP.
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Re: Enquiries on Aruba AP matrix

I don't, however, think it is working properly in 3.4 either though.. "broken less, but still not at 100%" is what I heard. I will need to track that down and change the matrix if that's the case.
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