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Vendor ID's captured with wireless sniffer

I have a customer that would like to disable or change the vendor ID he captures when running a wireless sniffer in his building. His AP's appear to have 2 different manufacturers, half broadcast the first 6 digits of the MAC address for the AP, and the other half broadcast "aruba networks" Is there any setting to change or disable this?
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Re: Vendor ID's captured with wireless sniffer

The settings in the sniffer vendor software controls that. What might be happening is that the vendor already prepends Aruba to the OUI that they already know about, but show the raw OUI for the newest Aruba OUI that they may NOT know about (d8:c7:c8). He should probably disable the setting to prepend the vendor to make it more consistent.

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Re: Vendor ID's captured with wireless sniffer

Can you elaborate a bit more? What sniffer software is he using? Typically, the sniffer software holds the MAC OUI database and that's how the sniffer software is identifying the manufacturer. If the sniffer software recognizes the Aruba APs as "Aruba Networks" it may not recognize our newer MAC OUI prefixes. Depending on the sniffer software, they are easy to add....
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