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Voltage range for RAP-2WG

Anyone know what range of voltages the RAP-2WG can handle? It says 12V but normally these sorts of devices are ok with a few volts either way.
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Re: Voltage range for RAP-2WG

What is it you're trying to do? I would not recommend running that with anything other than the included power adapter. Remember, that is the one AP on the list without a lifetime warranty :)

Andy Logan, ACDX
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Re: Voltage range for RAP-2WG

I'm trying to make it battery powered. Preferably with LiPos. However, LiPos are either 11.1V or 14.6V. I don't mind frying one or two of them but I'd rather not.
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Re: Voltage range for RAP-2WG

Could always use a 7812 with the 14.6 packs. That way the extra heat will be on a component that costs less than $2 to replace.
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Re: Voltage range for RAP-2WG

Hi There,

Probably a bit late now but the RAP2WGs seem to run fine on as low as 5v. It is possible to power a RAP2 using a USB port if you have the right cable! We use a PoE combo with RAP2s and the first batch we got could only use 5v, new ones have a switch for 5, 9 and 12. like the guys say probably best to use whats recomended, but we have a few running for 6 months now on 5v from a PoE splitter.
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