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Which controller do AP's need to locate?

I suspect this is as dumb question but if you could clarify I would be much appreciative.

When an AP is booting, it goes through a sequence to locate the master controller. Does it always need to locate THE master controller, or would local controllers on the same Aruba system suffice?

For example, consider a system with a master controller at and a local controller in another site at Let's assume multicast traffic from one vlan to another is not allowed.

An AP boots on the VLAN; that VLAN has a DHCP server but let's assume that the AP cannot resolve aruba-master.

What will happen? Will the AP find the local controller at via ADP and boot successfully? Or is it specifically looking for the controller in the role of master, and bootup will fail?
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Any Controller

An AP can find any controller via DNS, ADP or DHCP options. It does not have to be the master.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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