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Apple iPad, Facetime and YouTube

Good Morning,
I work for a college. I have been getting complaints that the the YouTube app for the iPad and iPhone is not working. Now I am getting complaints that FaceTime is not working either.

They are connecting to a guest network that we are only allowing http/https/dns which is all we really want them to do on the guest network.

I saw a paper from Apple to open the ports for game center and face time. That seems to be working but not YouTube. Anyone run into this? I have another 802.1x authenticated ssid that I can connect to and every thing works there. It has everything open.

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Re: Apple iPad, Facetime and YouTube

You need more ports than that for fcetime:

For youtube just do the "show datapath session table from the commandline to see what ports are being blocked. You can get the same information on the GUI buy going into Monitoring> Controller> Clients. Highlight the radio button next to the client and click on "Status".

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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