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Channel Busy MIB/OID


Does anyone know OID or MIB for Channel Busy on the Aruba Controller's? I want to setup my network graphs to monitor this per AP in selected areas. I have found
. (wlanAPRadioUtilization). Which is good information to know but not exactly what I was looking for. Right now I have a SSH Script collecting the information but I'd rather have it graphed.

show ap debug radio-stats ap-name %AP_Name% radio 1 | include Busy

Thanks in advance.

Ron Gilmore
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Channel Utilization isn't in mibs today


That information isn't available via the mibs today. If you're not using AirWave, getting that data via a command line script like you're using is probably the best approach (although I'm not sure if you have a good way to create graphs from the data).

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Re: Channel Busy MIB/OID

Thanks Dan ... That's what I thought but was hoping I was wrong or couldn't find it. We are not using AirWave yet, but hopefully soon (depending up on budget!). I have a somewhat manual process now for collecting the data, but wanted to automate it. I'll wait till I hear the yes/no for AirWave before I continue down this path. Thanks again.

Ron G.
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