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Breakout Sessions



I am new to this, but have a query. I emailed the Atmosphere query email address, but haven't received a response, so thought I would ask here.


I am looking at attending Atmosphere 2015 and wondered if there was a list of when each Breakout Session was happening - as I am interested in the Training too, and if you choose Session 1, you seem to miss all the Breakout Sessions apart from half a day on the Thursday. 


Can anyone help or advise on where I can find out this information, as it is alot of money to attend, if i'm going to miss all the talks I want to attend.


Thank you for your help 

Kind regards

Jo :)

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Re: Breakout Sessions

No Problem. Most breakouts are repeated 5 times so you will be able to still choose the ones you want. Feel free to email me and I can forward any of your event questions to the appropriate people. Thanks!

Sean Rynearson
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Re: Breakout Sessions

Hey Sean,


Was there anyway to get copies of the breakout session powerpoints?  I was able to download a few to my phone using the #atm15 app but now the sessions are not loading, probably since the conference is over.  Are they still accesible somehow/where?




Re: Breakout Sessions
Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: Breakout Sessions

Thank you!!

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