Airheads EMEA Italy 2014 (June 9 - 13)

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Breakout - Wi-Fi Behavior of Popular Mobile Devices
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  • Wi-Fi Behavior of Popular Mobile Devices: As we design our wireless LANs, we all need to be aware of how some of the latest smartphones, tablets and laptops operate over Wi-Fi. Their speeds, their roaming behavior, rate vs. range characteristics, CPU/application performance all matter. Join us in this session to discuss with your peers. 
Peter Thornycroft - Antar
Engineer, Aruba Networks. Peter Thornycroft is an engineer in the CTO’s office at Aruba Networks with interests in wireless technology, voice-over-WLAN, Wi-Fi location and e-FMC solutions. He has worked with a variety of wireless, carrier and voice technologies in technical and leadership positions at Cisco Systems, StrataCom, and Northern Telecom. He has experience with the Wi-Fi Alliance, the Wireless Broadband Alliance and the IEEE 802.11 working group. Mr Thornycroft holds an MA in electrical sciences from Cambridge University, and an MBA from Santa Clara University
Sean Rynearson | Chief Airhead
Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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