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Instant Errors diagnostics

Hi everyone.

I want to know how to avoid the errors on IAP-103

Some users seem to have problems with connection. Low speed, etc.

Aruba Central graph shows errors on 5GHz channel:


RF channel utilization



The other graphs don't seem to be useful.

What is the critical error level?

What is the nature of this errors?

How can I avoid them?

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Re: Instant Errors diagnostics

Please open up a case to dive deeper into these errors.

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Re: Instant Errors diagnostics

Simple Instant cluster without controller: IAP-103, 105, 205

This graphs are from IAP-103

It is located in the office room.

~10 5GHz clients

~10 2.4 GHz clients

Devices: iphone, ipad, macbook air, macbook pro

The 5GHz range is not very busy: 3 IAPs and 1 asus router there.

2 ssid's: for notebooks and for mobile devices.


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Re: Instant Errors diagnostics

I've found that all of IAPs had error peak at the same time on the August 5th.

All ranges were affected. How to diagnose this problem?

IAP-103 2.4GHz


IAP-103 5GHz



IAP-105 2.4GHz


IAP-105 5GHz


IAP-205 2.4GHz


IAP-205 5GHz



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Re: Instant Errors diagnostics

Hmm. The situation is strange.

The wireless clients graph shows that it was ~400 clients at the peak moment. But I don't really think it was. There was aruba central disconnect at that time. Maybe it's just a bug?


And what's the difference between clients and wireless clients?


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