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RAP 155/IAP325 CLuster Issue

RAP155 installed- not being used with a controller.  This unit is acting as DHCP server.   WAN/cable model plugged into port 0 on RAP155. 


IAP-325 plugged into wired port on the RAP155


BOth APs are running same FW.


From laptop connected to the RAP 155 I can ping the 325.  Works if laptop is wireless or wired into another port on the RAP155. 


Auto join mode is enabled. 


Also tried shutting off auto join and typing in the mac address of the 325. 


Any suggestions why the RAP155 and IAP325 will not cluster. I just keep getting the instant SSID from the 325. 



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Re: RAP 155/IAP325 CLuster Issue

Might be worth upgrading both IAPs to to see if the issue still exists.


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