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access rules - role-based

I am trying to setup a new WLAN on an instant by it wont allow me to set the Role-based option to a role of my choice. Each time I go back onto the access page it has reverted back to unrestricted.

The setup is -

1. primary usage -Employee

2. VLAN - custom

3. Security - Enterprise

4. Acces - needs to be role-based


Any ideas why it is not letting me set this?

version is - on a 135

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Re: access rules - role-based



It happens if you do not have any rule created for role assignment. create a rule as shown bellow.




Please feel free for any further help on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: access rules - role-based

Kind of frustrating because we had these rules setup in Clearpass. Now we have to have them in both places? Kind of redundant, no?


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Re: access rules - role-based

If you're using ClearPass, simply return a value with Aruba-User-Role.

Tim Cappalli | Aruba ClearPass TME
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Re: access rules - role-based

After much scrolling I found that I can do a return value for Aruba CPPM Role which made more sense to me than the Aruba user role. Am I correct in that thinking? It seems to be moving traffic along into the correct vlans now. 

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