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stacking in 2930F

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does Aruba 2930F support stacking...

If yes How many switches can we stack...

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Re: stacking in 2930F

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Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: stacking in 2930F

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Which type of "Stacking" support is required?


Are we speaking here about just simple "Stacking Management" [*] or what else [**]?


If we are speaking about "Stacking Management", the provided answer is OK.


If we aren't...well, the Aruba 2930F simply can't form (or be part of) any Stack apart the "Stacking Management" above.


[**] Questions above are due because...asking about generic "Stacking support"...can be unrelated to "Stacking Management" and can instead be related to "Frontplane Stacking" as per VSF (ProVision/ArubaOS-Switch), IRF (as in Comware based Switches, not this case) or "Backplane Stacking" as with specific Stacking Modules and Stacking Cables (as happens, as example, on the Aruba 2920 or on the Aruba 3810) it's important to clarify/distinguish which type of stacking the OP is really speaking about.


[*] Stacking Management: using a single IP Address and a standard network cabling to manage a group (generally, up to 16) of Switches in the same IP subnet (Broadcast Domain), resulting in a reduced number of IP Addresses required and in a simplified management of small groups of Switches.

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Re: stacking in 2930F

The 2930F does not support stacking today.

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Re: stacking in 2930F


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