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Cook books !

Status: New
by MVP MVP ‎06-14-2016 06:38 PM

it will be good that Aruba publish some cook books for

  • ArubaOs
  • ClearPass
  • and Airwave


Status: New

Airwave VRD

Status: New
by MVP MVP ‎11-04-2013 03:25 PM

It would be nice having one:)




This would be really useful for presales...

I get a lot of clients asking me this... i know some difference but it would be nice if Aruba could give a official document wiht this which is updated everytime a realease of IAP change this...



ArubaOS 3.X 5.X 6.X 6.1.X 6.2.X GUI WebBased Emulator will be great addon for the Aruba knowledge base and docs.

It will give us the ability to show this great GUI and features or doing some Screenshots for presentations and pre-sale process.


Everyone that think that it's a good idea - K me! :smileyhappy:


Clearpass and Airwave VRDs

by Moderator ‎03-09-2013 07:10 AM



I think one of the most valuable documents you can find are precisely the VRDs. I find Clearpass and Airwave sorely lacking in that aspect.



Instant AP VRD

by MVP MVP ‎02-21-2013 08:50 PM

It would be nice to have a separate  set of VRD for instants maybe or a Instant VRD? that would be helpful!


RSS Feed - Aruba Support Site

Status: New
by ‎07-17-2013 05:46 AM

This isn't my idea but i heard it yesterday for folks constently checking the AOS download folder for updates.  Either update the parent folder date to reflect the latest change made or create an RSS feed/twitter handle for annoucing recently updated AOS versions.


Aruba Instant SSID time range restriction

Status: New
by mmourand ‎02-07-2014 07:00 AM

Hi all,


Having a option on each SSIDs to be able to stop broadcasting on a certain time range and then start back at another time would be a good thing.


I know the controller does this with ACL but there is no such thing with the IAP



Airwave Competitive Sheets

Status: New
by MVP MVP ‎01-12-2014 07:55 PM

This could be really helpful!




MAS Competitive Sheet

Status: New
by MVP MVP ‎11-29-2013 08:45 PM

MAS Vs Cisco Vs HP?

It is coming anytime soon?





Would it be possible to get some more detail on the topic of clustering  with ClearPass Policy Manager?

Especially when it comes to the certificates for the Onboarding and Policy Manager Apache (Server Certificate).


I have not been very sucessful in finding detailed documentation on the best practises on this topic.

I have searched through the forums and Aruba Support but nothing with a lot of detailed showed up.


Thank you.

It would be nice that you could read on the documentation something like

the NT-3x3-D100 has a estimated coverage of 100m, 200m or something that can give you an idea how far it can reach...

We all dont have outdoor aps to test  but it would be a really good idea having an idea(it does not need to be exact as it depends on many things) but you can have an idea which is good.

Video Cours

Status: New
by MVP MVP ‎02-24-2015 02:29 PM

I think that Aruba documentation is great, especialy the VRD's

but  i hope that Aruba will upload Video How two begining by the basic thinks and ending by complexe and difficult config

Hi Guys,

AirWave is such a great tool.

I think u should add to it a good full LAN (auto/custom)  topology map,it's a feature that some of our clients would like to see.


Here is an example:



I love AirHeads - Have a gr8 week.



advertised timezones

by MVP MVP ‎04-18-2013 03:17 AM

It kinda bugs me a bit that Aruba usualy includes only 1 timezone like PDT in pretty much all their communications.

Half the world doesn't even know what timezone that is.


How hard would it be to include a UTC time in all those communications (especially if they are aimed at a worldwide audiance)? I'm sure almost everybody knows how to calculate their own timezone from this 'worldwide accepted 'standard time'.

Hi Guys.


It's a small PDF I did (from a doc I received)  a few years ago when I deployed 1000+ raps.. In a different working modes.

This PDF contain all the needed ports you should open in your gw/firewall in order to enable perfect tunneling between AP units to the Aruba controller.


Hope it will come handy for u all. (It's updated to the end of 2011.So if someone would like to add some more relevant info - it will be great for all the other AirHeads users)


Have a lovely weekend.



RE: Documentation

by princesly ‎10-07-2012 08:13 PM
Shouldn't there be a clear area for product documentation? I see the data sheet but nothing in terms of technical howtos and stuff covering access switches. Or Is there a hidden area on this website that I am yet to find?

It would be nice if Aruba could put the hardware information of their APs on the datasheets.


It would be really helpful because for example, there is an AP of Cisco which is dual band dual radio which is cheaper than Aruba 105.  Now you wonder why? and its because Aruba Hardware is just better! it has more RAM, better CPU.  This would let him handle more clients in a better way.

Now the end client doesnt see this... he just see that Cisco AP is a dual band dual radio AP and the AP 105 is a dual band dual radio AP and cisco one is cheaper!


This way i can have something in hand to tell the end user that the reason of that is because the hardware is better!.




Clearpass vs Documentation

Status: Read
by MVP MVP ‎06-08-2013 07:39 PM

It would be a greate idea to have not only Aruba vs Cisco in wifi documentation

It would be nice to have a Clear´pass vs documentation from other similar solution...

Or having for example clearpass guest vs other similar product... like for example clearpass guest vs nomadix?




Status: Read

Having a genereal is nice but ones that focus on an area would be  helpful during all aspects of deployment from pre-deployment to post-deployment. Having a VRD for a deployment in Healthcare, one for Retail, one for Education, ...