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Australia’s strong contribution to mobile innovation

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Sydney might be more than 7,000 miles from Silicon Valley, but here in Australia, we’ve had a long history with mobile innovation. In fact, you are probably not aware that Wi-Fi was invented in Australia in the 1990s by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), which holds the patent for this life-changing technology. I’ve been with Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, for 10 years, and I’ve had the privilege to have a front-row seat.


Back in 2010, Aruba purchased Amigopod’s visitor management software, which lives on as ClearPass Guest. Cameron Esdaile, a founder of Amigopod and a native of Sydney, now serves in Aruba’s Office of the CTO, where he keeps an eye on emerging technologies from Sunnyvale. Carlos Gómez Gallego, also a founder of Amigopod and a native of Brisbane, is in HPE’s Office of the CTO, where he’s focused on all things innovation, security, and mobility. And ClearPass is still developed out of Brisbane.


More recently, Aruba and Kasada, also in Sydney, are working together to tackle the perennial problem of weak passwords. With Kasada's multifactor authentication platform, your users can choose their own photos as a cryptographic representation for authentication, along with the biometrics and pattern-matching they could use before. Since Kasada now integrates with ClearPass Exchange, you can use contextual details, such as a change in location or signals from a next-generation firewall as part of the authentication process. And that means your user accounts are better protected.

Kasada ClearPass Authentication Workflow.png


If you’re in marketing for retail, hospitality or entertainment, you’re probably exploring how analytics and data-driven marketing can boost your online and in-store sales. One of the leaders in this new market is Sydney based Skyfii. Maybe you’ve used Skyfii’s cloud-based mobile analytics platform, which lets you deliver personalized content to customers and others. Skyfii can leverage data from your Aruba Analytics and Location Engine (ALE) platform as well as the rest of your Aruba network, including from ArubaOS, AppRF, Aruba Instant and AirWave to deliver an even better user experience. Check out what our mates from Sydney are doing.


Skyfii ALE ClearPass.png


Over in Adelaide, Sine is helping streamline visitor check-in. By integrating with ClearPass, your visitors, contractors, students or employees not only can register from their phones or tablets but also they can register their own devices to get Wi-Fi at the same time.


Sine Guest WiFi Checkin.png


In Australia, there’s a lot of talk about the brain drain to the U.S., Europe and other parts of the world known for tech innovation. But Sine’s founder Antony Ceravolo is an example of Australians coming home. He left London after 15 years to start Sine.


Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been talking about the coming “idea boom” as the country looks to innovation as the new source for growth. Australia’s national innovation and science agenda is being funded to the tune of $1.1 billion over four years, and the money will go to encourage startups and strengthen the national research infrastructure. Australia may not be Silicon Valley but we are starting to take a leading role in the digital economy.


We continue to innovate from down under.

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