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2 x masters in VRRP (standby mode) dhcp/src-nat issues when faileover

I'am using two 6000 + m3 Units in VRRP master/master mode.

all my ap's are working as RAP's and working great / when the first master falls they pass to the other one.

on each master(they got the same config - sync database) there is a DHCP server for the clients that connecting to the RAP (VLAN 90 - Class c 10.8.2.xx)

each client on the VAP side getting splittunnel - srcnat. (to be able to go via local gw to the internet.

when 1 master dropping and the 2nd one start to give service - none of the clients is able to go to the internet...src-nat issue... even that both master got the same Access list rules...

please advise,

thanks in advance!
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Re: 2 x masters in VRRP (standby mode) dhcp/src-nat issues when faileover

Do the access points connect to the second controller?
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