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8-second wait before Captive Portal display

Hi all,

Recently there appears to be a delay in users getting the Captive Portal to be displayed after opening the browser.

A countdown page with a clock image (see attached) is displayed and counts down from 8 seconds. In some cases users do not see the portal, they are disconnected from the SSID.

This has only started happening recently, previously users went straight to the CP. This happens in IE & Firefox.

Any ideas/remedies for this?

Many thanks,

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Re: 8-second wait before Captive Portal display

This is due to CPU utilization on the controller. There are parameters in the captive portal profile that will let you adjust the time and the load threshold. There was also an bug in early 3.2 code that would cause the CPU on the controller to show 100%, even when it was not busy. Do a "show cpu" and see if the load is high. If you are running 3.2.x, you may want to consider upgrading to get away from that mostly cosmetic bug.
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Re: 8-second wait before Captive Portal display

I'm running

user 22.9%, system 7.5%, idle 69.6%

6 second delay.

Set for 60% utilization threshold. I can only surmise that either the displayed cpu is an average or out of date, or the problem still exists.
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Re: 8-second wait before Captive Portal display

You probably want to call support at this point and open a case. It doesn't sound like the previous issue, so we probably want to have them take a look at it.

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Re: 8-second wait before Captive Portal display

We saw a similiar problem to the one you described. Working with support we found a user who had over 600 sessions to the portal. When we blacklisted user the problem went away.

We tried limiting the amount of sessions in the initial captive-portal-role to 50 and the problem has not happened again.


max-sessions 50

You may need to play with the value a bit for your portal. To small a number and the portal may not work because there won't be enough sessions for things like DNS.
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