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Agg link

Hello all, I have set up an aggregated link between my M3 controller and my 3Com 8800 switch. when I look at the link, it says that one is in standby and the other is passing traffic. Is there a way to force them to load balance instead of just being redundant?

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Re: Agg link

Do you have it hardcoded? What protcol are you using for link aggregation on the 3Com side?

Colin Joseph
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Re: Agg link

It sounds like spanning tree is blocking one of the links. Is the port channel defined on both the Controller as well as the 3Com switch?
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Re: Agg link

Thanks for the reply's. we accually figured it out. we set it up as a port channel first. If we were going to a cisco device it would have been fine. After it didn't work we enabled lacp on both the interfaces and then added to the port channel group and it seems to be working.

Thanks Again
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Re: Agg link

I'm working with Ryan on this. We're actually not quite 100% working. The initial problem was that LACP wasn't being used. After enabling LACP on the Aruba 3200 for the ports in the channel, the link is properly showing up as load sharing on the 3Com side. The problem now is that there are input errors showing up on the Aruba side. Not a lot, well under 1 %, but far more than we've seen on a non aggregated link.

On the Aruba side:
Port-Channel 1 is administratively up
Hardware is Port-Channel, address is
Description: Link Aggregate (LACP)
Spanning Tree is disabled
VLAN membership: 1 88
Switchport priority: 0
Member port:
GE 1/0, Admin is up, line protocol is up
GE 1/1, Admin is up, line protocol is up
Last clearing of "show interface" counters 12 day 4 hr 37 min 13 sec
link status last changed 0 day 0 hr 21 min 5 sec
26024 packets input, 1307711 bytes
Received 12592 broadcasts, 0 runts, 0 giants, 0 throttles
19 input error bytes, 0 CRC, 0 frame
5892 multicast, 13432 unicast
1688 packets output, 142821 bytes
0 output errors bytes, 0 deferred
0 collisions, 0 late collisions, 0 throttles
Port-Channel 1 is TRUSTED

On the 3Com side:
dis link-aggregation verbose 11
Loadsharing Type: Shar -- Loadsharing, NonS -- Non-Loadsharing

Aggregation ID: 11, AggregationType: Static, Loadsharing Type: Shar
Aggregation Description: arubatest2
System ID: 0x8000,
Port Status: S -- Selected, T -- sTandby, U -- Unselected
Port Status Priority Flag Oper-Key Link-Status
GigabitEthernet3/1/10 S 32768 0x3d 5 Up
GigabitEthernet3/1/11 S 32768 0x3d 5 Up

Actor Partner Priority Flag Oper-Key SystemID
GigabitEthernet3/1/10 1 255 0x3d 2 0x8000
GigabitEthernet3/1/11 2 255 0x3d 2 0x8000
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Re: Agg link

Is the input error counter increasing, or holding steady at 19?
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Re: Agg link

Slowly increasing. Since we're just testing the link, there's no real traffic going through it. It's now six hours later and the error count is up to 67.

I'm planning to put the link under a test load tomorrow to see what happens. Also debating switching the lacp settings to passive on the Aruba controller.
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Re: Agg link

After several days of testing, I'm still seeing the problem. I've swapped SFPs and tried different LACP configs, but I'm still seeing a very slow incrementing counter on the input errors. It's still less than 0.01% of all traffic, but it bothers me that the errors are only showing up on the aggregated link. We'll be putting the connection under a more serious load next week, so we'll see if that makes a difference.
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Re: Agg link

Is trunking configured the same on both sides?
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Re: Agg link

Yes. LACP is enabled on both sides. VLAN configuration is also identical.
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