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Bridge mode problem , please help

I have controller at Head office , and have AP at plant.
IP is different VLAN between Head office and plant but can communicate.
We use 802.11x to authen.
We set AP at plant is Bridge mode and controller can see this AP.

Attached file is screen shot for configuration page

Forward mode --> bridge
Remote-AP operation --> persistent

My problem is
Client notebook can see this AP but it not try to connect but when i plug Lan cable to Client notebook then wireless is try to connect immediately.

Anyone can help me for this??

Thanks in advance!!!!!!
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Re: Bridge mode problem , please help

Your settings look correct. Is the access point that the client is trying to associate to on an access port or trunk port? If you change the virtual ap to tunnel mode, is the client able to connect?

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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