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Can i block youtube on the controller by using PEF ?

I want to block web social network, block youtube, block bit torrent on the controller by using PEF how i will to do
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Re: Can i block youtube on the controller by using PEF ?

Not sure about bittorrent, but you can block a URL, by defining a name that is a wildcard for that domain and blocking traffic to that:

config t
ip name-server
ip domain name
ip domain-lookup
netdestination block-url
ip access-list session blockpolicy
user alias block-url any deny
user-role user
access-list session blockpolicy

Just make sure that the user ends up in the role "user" and it will block all traffic to and

This is only available in ArubaOS 6.1.x and above.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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