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Captive portal for traffic routed thru an untrusted port

I'm trying to send a rather old Cisco WLSM Wireless Mobility implimentation thru our M3 controller for captive portal authentication. The Cisco AP's establish dynamic GRE tunnels to the Sup720, this tunnel interface is added to a VRF that has a static route to send all traffic to be authenticated.

I configured a vlan that switches thru the M3 controller (in one port, out on another) I setup a gateway IP on the far end, and staticly routed all the traffic from the tunnels / vrf to this gateway. This sends the traffic thru the M3 controller, but its not captured, its blocked. This tell me its trying to capture it, but something is not working.

My question is this, do the clients have to be on the same layer 2 network as the port that is untrusted? Or should traffic routed thru this vlan be captured as well? The controller see's all our test client's ip addresses, but can only see the routers mac address since it was routed.
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Re: Captive portal for traffic routed thru an untrusted port

Has to be on the same layer2 network.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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