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Captive portal user


Is there any way to limit captive portal user base on the MAC address of the computer? what I mean is, I want to eliminate the user for sharing their accounts to others. What I had right now is preventing them for multiple con current used.


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Captive portal user

There is a setting in the newer releases of AOS (3.4.x) that enable you
to configure 'limit to 1 session' for captive portal logins.

This should accomplish the prevention of sharing of user credentials on
the guest/captive portal network that you seem to be after.


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aruba user

Yes. It's been done already, but what i'm trying to accomplish is once the user use the account to his/her own computer I could be able to tie it to the MAC address so that she couldn't share it to others.
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There is a radius feature called "Simultaneous-Use" where the user can be prevented from logging into more than one computer at a time. Some radius servers like freeradius and Radiator support this (Microsoft does not). There is also a feature in active directory where you can tie a user account to a mac address here:

What I'm not sure that you can do is to dynamically tie a MAC address to a user upon login.

Maybe the community can chime in on any off-the-shelf or custom solutions to solve your use case.

Colin Joseph
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