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Co-operating with non-Aruba radios

Hi all,

We have Aruba deployed throughout most of a building. The parts of the building we don't provide coverage in aren't ours. The people in these parts are going to run their own wireless system (Cisco 1131 APs, I don't know much more than this currently) and they have asked if there is anything they can do to avoid interference with us.

Are there any guides, or advise on what we can do with our Aruba system to 'play nice' with theirs, and (more importantly IMHO) avoid their system causing problems for us, or any suggestions for what we tell them to configure their system to do.

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Re: Co-operating with non-Aruba radios

Aruba's ARM technology adjusts very well to most circumstances. Baseline your performance now with a tool like Airwave so that if there are any issues you can compare it to past performance. Back in the day cooperating companies would come up with channel plans that would work best for both, but those days are over... Troubleshoot any issues as they come up.

Colin Joseph
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