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Debugs to syslogd?

I have enabled some debugs on the controller, and would like to have the messages sent to syslog. What's the procedure? My current config is:

#logging facility local0
#logging severity debugging
#logging type user
#logging type network
#logging type security severity debugging
#logging type system
#logging type wireless
#logging type ap-debug
#logging type user-debug

The debug security logs show up on the console....

(Aruba-Primary) #show log security 1
Sep 2 07:59:55 :124004: |authmgr| stm_message_handler : msg_type 3007

...but are not sent to my syslog server...

# grep stm_message_handler messages-20110902.log

I am getting other Aruba syslog messages in this file, just not the ones from the debug.

Where's Colin? :)

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Re: Debugs to syslogd?

If you do this;

config t
logging a.b.c.d

It will send all the syslogs to a.b.c.d

Please let us know if that does not work.
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