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MAC authentication: Deauthenticating the station

I am experiencing a issue where a client machine (in my case a phone) is randomly de-authenticated throughout the day. The following message is displayed in the error log.

May 24 12:09:12 authmgr: <132197> |authmgr| Maximum number of retries was attempted for station 641688dxxxxx 64:16:8d:xx:xx:xx 01:80:c2:xx:xx:xx, deauthenticating the station

We are using a 3200 controller and RAP2's to provide a remote connection to a IP Deskphone in a users home. The phones are being checked for MAC auth against the internal database on the controllers. The users do not experience any ISP problems or drop in connectivity. This happens for a wide range of users and does not seems to be isolated.

Any understanding on what is causing this error message or any info explaining it is appreciated.

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wireless client

That message usually accompanies a wireless client. You might want to open a case.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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