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Master redundancy setup questions

Last night I tried to setup master redundancy on a pair of controllers and it didn't work out so well. I had a couple of questions based on that work that I'm hoping the Airheads community will help answer.

First, do you need to have the "Standby" master redundant controller setup as a master? I currently have a spare local that I want to use as the redundant master. It appears that a local controller does not support the master-redundancy stanza. If so, not a big deal - I'll just have to blow that controller away and let it re-sync with the existing master controller.

The second question is about what happens when you enable master redundancy. Last night I enabled this feature on our existing master controller and, in short order, I began to lose connectivity to all of my local controllers. Does the VRRP IP address of the master redundancy configuration become the only IP address that local controllers use to contact the master controller? I currently have our existing master IP address on another interface.

Thanks for any help that you can offer!


Thanks for your help!

Aruba Employee

Re: Master redundancy setup questions

Mike - your local controller cannot be a back master. A backup master must be a master and per current design guides, no APs should point to the master for their backup LMS. It will work, but its not a good idea.

The second answer is yes, the VRRP VIP needs to be the IP address that the local controllers point to in their master-ip statements. That is what creates the redundancy. If the primary fails, the backup takes control of the IP address and the local controllers continue to function.

Re: Master redundancy setup questions

Hi Olino,

One more question. I have the following interfaces: - VRRP / future master redundancy IP - existing loopback, source for syslog and RADIUS, and master controller IP

Currently, the source of the controller traffic comes from our .253 address. If I understand you correctly, the new VRRP IP will now handle all local to master controller traffic. Will the VRRP address also become the new source for our syslog and RADIUS traffic? Or, is that something that I can keep with the existing interface, for the time being?

Thanks for your help, it really helps!

Aruba Employee

Re: Master redundancy setup questions

You can still have the 191.253 address as the RADIUS source using the "ip radius source-interface vlan x (where x is the VLAN with the 191.253 address). Syslog will be sent from the controller IP AFAIK and can't be changed.
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