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Multiple Captive Portal Pages


Is it possible to have multiple Captive Portal pages? For example, each site may have a banner with "Welcome to somewhere" and possibly have local site address and contact details.

We have multiple sites, some with local controllers and others without. The users would have different address ranges.

Would they need to be in seperate roles for this to work?



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Re: Multiple Captive Portal Pages

Yes you can. Your approach will be determined by how many unique locations you have to display "welcome to: " for. If it is just a few locations, you can have a different initial role for each location and each initial role will have a different Captive Portal Authentication profile, which will have a different page. If you have many different locations, you could script that "welcome to:" display based on the client's ip address. When a client is redirected, part of his URL is “?cmd=login&macaddr=aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff&ipaddr=a.b.c.d”. You could script based on the ipaddr parameter (honest admission... I don't know how to do this). Lastly, you could use Amigopod, which has many, many more guest access features and allows you to do location-based information like this more easily.

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