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I am very new to Aruba and to Controller/Thin AP wireless.

I am looking at a screen in the GUI of Top Talkers. What is the difference between "Valid" and "Interfering"?

I have a consultant that I wanted to make sure he was getting enough BW, and I changed his tag from "Interfering" to "Valid".

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Valid just means that they have an encrypted session through the AP/Controller. Interfering (i hate the term) just means that the client is heard within the system or is unencrypted. Manually changing the intefering client to a valid client just changes the classification and does not grant more access. It's also useful for the IDS features like "protect valid clients". etc.
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Re: Noob Question

i was also wondering what classified a client as interfering. i see alot of apple products (i'm assuming iphones) and blackberrys that connect to my wireless network come up as interferring.

i don't have open encryption open allowed on the SSID profile that these clients are talking to. is it normal to see these types of devices as interfering?
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random interfering tagged clients

There is some clients that aruba tags as interfering.
Today found one of this clients and it was a laptop, that event being loged correctly to the network couldn't get an IP.

Why some clients are tagged as interfering?
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Clients start out as interfering

All clients in the air start out as interfering. If a client connects with encryption to your network, it is then classified as "Valid".

With the Intrusion Detection/Protection feature, you can "Protect Valid Stations" which keeps "Valid" clients from roaming to "Interfering" access points. This is good if you have a business, or a school and you don't want any of your laptops roaming to neighboring access points. If a client authenticates with a captive portal, it is still considered interfering. It is assumed that if a client connects to your network with encryption, it is, more often than not, one of your clients. Guests who connect to your network, by that definition are NOT one of your clients, and will not be prevented from connecting to neighboring access points if you have the feature "Protect Valid Stations" turned on.

"show wms client " or "show wms client list" will show you the status of a client.

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Re: Noob Question

wow! quick response!

But then the tag interfering for a client doesn't have any implication for it's connectivity?

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Interfering Client

Absolutely not

Colin Joseph
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