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PoE power level from the AP's perspective


Is there a CLI command that shows the power that an AP is receiving from it's PoE switch or adapter?

I have an Airwave alert that an AP's radio is going down, but the device is staying up. I'm trying to see if an AP reports on the power level that it is receiving. I'll probably RMA the AP, but it is something that my team has been curious about.


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Re: PoE power level from the AP's perspective

There is no commandline parameter to detect how much voltage an AP is receiving the time. Is Airwave saying that the AP is going down based on ICMP, SNMP or uptime being different?

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: PoE power level from the AP's perspective

Hi Colin,

We receive the following messages in Airwave:

Mon Sep 5 22:21:52 2011 System Radio Down: Device: Davis-303 (Minor)


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