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Remote Offices getting IP Address from wrong building

I noticed an issue/concern with my wireless today. We have Aruba configured to be used in several different buildings in our district with the Controller sitting here at our high school. We do not have a controller in any of the other buildings. I know all the traffic flows back to the high school where the controller sits and I think because of that the clients are getting IP addresses from our high school DHCP scope instead of their local one? Is this how it is suppose to work or can this setup in a way to force the clients to get IPs from the their local DHCP server?

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Re: Remote Offices getting IP Address from wrong building

Hi Ed,

It depends on how you've configured things. If all the APs are in the same AP group and users in the same VLAN then this is to be expected. What you'll need to do is set up separate AP groups for each campus, with separate VLANs and IP helper addresses.

Out of curiosity, how are you getting user traffic back to the local site? Is there a reason that having a common IP pool (other than running out of addresses) is a problem?

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Re: Remote Offices getting IP Address from wrong building

We have each building setup with there own Virtual AP Profile and AP Group. Locally in each building they use VLAN1 but the links from the HS to each building use a different VLAN for each building. I guess other then a chance of running out of IPs and just troubleshoot any connectivity issue (by thinking maybe they are in one building but actually in another) then no not really. Would having a controller in each building keep this from happening?

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