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VeriSign Certificate Problem!!

Hi everyone
Here is the issue...
We want to put this certificate on the Captive Portal, but i am unable to apply it because when i upload it this uploads as TrustedCA and the CP use only a ServerCert

We recived from VeriSign a certificate (root and intermediate).
We copy and save it as file.cer
When i upload it as a ServerCert this is the error msg: Error Uploading Certificate: CertMgr error.

Can we use a TrustCA on a CaptivePortal?
What i need to do to use this certificate?
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Re: VeriSign Certificate Problem!!

Please see the attached document. I tried to sanitize it to protect the innocent, so please pardon the condition of it. Let us know if it helps.
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Re: VeriSign Certificate Problem!!

Thank you, i will do that step-by-step
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