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Xml api?

Hi all,

Can anyone give me some information on the XML API Server profile? I am familiar with the concept of having an API for things like XML-RPC but cannot see how this would relate into the profile.

Also, and possibly related to the above, is there any form of API available such that I could make changes to the controller from my own scripts without having to script SSHing into the controller, or screen scrape http requests?

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Re: Xml api?

As far as I know, the only way to modify the controller configuration is through SSH or the WebUI.
Though I would love to have an API or SNMP write available.
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Re: Xml api?

The xml-api module is used to inform the controler that an user is authenticated. In the same time you change change his profile from logon to employee for exemple and. You can also blacklist user and that's all.

It's an authentication module. The goal is to use an external captive portal. You are not allowed to modify configuration of profile with it.

The only to manage your controler are SNMP, SSH, WebUI or MMS (Airwave).
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Re: Xml api?

It's an authentication module. The goal is to use an external captive portal.

Thanks - do you have any info about how to do this? We currently run our own (home made) captive portal system and it would be interesting to try and link it into the Aruba controller.
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Contact Support

If you contact support, they can give you a configuration document.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: Xml api?

Isn't there also an xml application that a third party was using for guest management? I thought I had heard once of a windows app that used the api for this ....
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