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downgrade from to


can i just downgrade from to without any issues?

Is it just a matter of uploading, making that the default partition and reboot?

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Re: downgrade from to

Between minor releases like that, there shouldn't be a problem.
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downgrade from to

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downgrade from to

Should be that simple.

Take a 'flash backup' per normal best-practices prior to the downgrade just to be thorough.
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downgrade from to

PS - You can always monitor the status of a downgrade by watching the console on the controller of course and once the admin prompt appears, you can issue 'show datapath session table | include " 21 " ' to watch the APs taking the new software via FTP. You should see that activity within 1-2 minutes of the controller rebooting and the network interfaces activating. Then look for port 8211 from/to APs to verify that they are operational.
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